Alita, celebrating its 60th anniversary, congratulates Alytus and invites to become a part of the unique Lithuanian record

2023 06 08

On 17 June, Alytus residents and guests who are planning to visit the Alytus City Festival will have the opportunity to become part of a unique event: the Alita factory, celebrating its 60th anniversary, is inviting everyone to join together to achieve the record for the most massive toast. Such a record has never been set in Lithuania before, so a large turnout is expected.

Alita will strive to achieve a unique record, unprecedented in Lithuania, by inviting the participants of the celebration to pronounce words of toast: “For Alytus and Alita”. The record for the most massive toast will be set by the representatives of the Record Academy.

“We have been in business for 60 years, and only a few Lithuanian companies can be proud of such a rich past. All this time, we have been making history by producing products that represent Alytus and Lithuania around the world. A solid anniversary is worthy of a proudly pronounced record toast, which we will share with those who matter most: Alita employees and all those who hold Alita close to their hearts,” says Viktoras Mostovojus, Production Director of Alita.

Alita will strive to achieve the unique record in a specially equipped space located near the main stage of the Alytus City Festival. On Saturday, Alytus residents and guests will be invited to visit Alita’s stand, where they will be able to take a picture next to the decorations created especially for the Alytus City Festival. And at 7 PM, next to the main stage, everyone will be invited to participate while setting the record of the most massive toast.

In order to achieve the new Lithuanian record, the toast should be pronounced loudly by at least 300 participants of the celebration, but the initiators of the record are ready to record at least three times that number.

“We invite all Alytus and Alita lovers and visitors of our city to become part of the only mass toast in Lithuania so far. Let’s say “For Alytus and Alita” out loud and enter the Lithuanian Book of Records!”, adds V. Mostovojus.

Alita invites everyone who would like to be part of this unique record to visit the factory’s stand, which will be located next to the main stage of the Song Valley at 7 PM. The official record-breaking process is expected to take up to 15 minutes. The participants will be treated to Alita LIVI non-alcoholic sparkling wine.